Once you taste the goat’s milk, it becomes clear that one goat is not enough – it is time to increase the number. Before you start raising goats at home, you will need to understand various ways of mating goats, learn how to determine the onset of sexual hunting in animals, learn how to feed a pregnant goat, how to take care of it, and much more.


Sexual maturity of goats is reached by 7-9 months, but before the first mating, only 1.5-year-old individuals are allowed. Young goats during hunting begin to worry and twirl their tails, and older goats constantly meek and shake their tails violently. If hunting in animals does not appear for a long time, most likely, the reason lies in obesity. Do not overfeed the goats, especially during the mating season, which usually falls in August-October.

The total life span of a goat can be 10 years or more, and its reproductive abilities are preserved from 3 to 8 years and largely depend on the age of the first mating, as well as on what care you will provide it with, and what to feed. The reproductive capacity of goats is usually used up to 6 years. When planning goat breeding, remember that it is recommended to mix young goats with small goats, and adults – with more solid goats older.

If you are seriously interested in breeding goats on a personal farmstead, first you should understand the possible mating methods and choose the one that will be the most suitable. Experienced goat breeders use three main methods: manual mating, free and harem. Artificial insemination is not practiced in Russia, since there is no sperm Bank in our country, and it is unprofitable to order it from abroad, and the fertilization rate, in this case, is quite low. It is much cheaper and more reliable to buy a goat-producer or even several.


The total life span of goats can be 10 years or more

During manual mating, the goat breeders themselves control the coverage of the goat-producer of the goat that has started hunting. The uterus is locked together with the goat in the goat house, you can additionally fix the goat with a special machine. Don’t worry if the animals start fighting and butting – they will soon calm down. For a successful result, it is usually enough and one cage, but it is more reliable to conduct the coating twice.

Free mating occurs when animals of both sexes are kept together during the breeding season (about two months). The goats cover the Queens that have come to hunt, without any human intervention. This method is simple, but producing goats are used irrationally, resulting in their reproductive term being shortened.

Harem mating is the joint maintenance during the mating period of one breeder with several specially selected Queens. Although the use of a goat-producer in this way is also irrational, the quality of offspring can be controlled because you select the Queens yourself.


After 3 weeks from the date of mating, the goat is considered to have gone wild, if it does not come hunting again. A goat’s pregnancy is confirmed after a couple of months, when her udder becomes slightly fuller, swells, and when you touch it, the goat crouches down. Sukoznaya (pregnant) goat becomes calmer, walks smoothly and carefully, avoiding obstacles that previously could jump over.

How long does a pregnant goat walk? On average, 147-150 days, that is, when mating in August-September, the Okot will be at the end of winter or early spring, when mating in October-December, the goat will be Okot in April or at the end of may. A month after the Okot, the goat again begins to go into estrus, and you can re-mating in early summer if you need two offspring per year. But you can skip this time, then lactation will continue, and there will be no second offspring.


A month after the Okot, the goat again begins to go into estrus, and you can re-mating in early summer

A pregnant goat’s appetite increases, it is fed more plentifully, and in the second period of suyagnost (pregnancy), 10 g of crushed chalk is added per day. Milking the goat is stopped for a month and a half before the Okot, reducing the number of milk gradually.


A couple of weeks before giving birth to a goat, it is recommended to clean the goat house, whitewash the walls with lime milk, insulate the windows and doors, eliminating drafts. In the last days before calving are constantly aware of the uterus, or in extreme cold newborn goats may die.

The first signs that labor is beginning:

  • the goat is restless (constantly lying down and getting up);
  • the udder becomes more voluminous;
  • increase in the size of the birth canal;
  • the animal stops eating and bleats piteously.

Out of a goat usually takes 1-3 hours and does not require human intervention, if the goat is well developed. After giving birth, the afterbirth leaves after a couple of hours, to stimulate this process, allow the goat to lick the kid. But in some cases, with the wrong position of the fetus or with its large size, you will need to help the uterus. In the intervals between attempts with a clean washed and greased vaseline hand, try to push the fruit away, straightening its position. If the birth of a goat is too long in time, call a veterinarian, otherwise the animal may quickly develop hypodermic edema, the fetus will die and begin to decompose. In this case, it will be very difficult to save the goat.


Ocut of a goat usually takes 1-3 hours and does not require human intervention, if the goat is well developed

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The goats can not be weaned from the womb, but then they will drink all the milk. Therefore, some goat breeders use artificial feeding of goats.


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