Raising cows for sale is a profitable business. Breeding animals will not require large expenses from the owner of the enterprise, which are afraid of a novice entrepreneur. But do not forget that meat cattle breeding is cheaper than dairy. Although the second does not require much investment.

How to start a business with cows

For a successful start, it is necessary to have knowledge, skills and abilities in this area. To open such a case, study the features of breeding specific breeds and the following points:

  • keeping cows in summer and winter;
  • fattening of animals and basic diet;
  • meat and dairy breeds;
  • sales channels for manure.

When the topic is fully explored, create an enterprise where you need it:

  • buy or lease a land plot;
  • build a farm;
  • purchase young animals.

The production room assumes an area of 30×6 m. It is better to build the complex in rural areas. Those enterprises that are located near fields and vegetable gardens will have a better chance of selling manure. It is also necessary to have a heated space for the cowshed. For 30 heads, 180-200 sq. m. will suffice.

 What formalities are necessary

You need to register as an individual entrepreneur using the OKVED 01.2 code (animal husbandry). Choose a simplified tax system – 6% of the gross income of the enterprise.

Place the complex in such a way that there are no peasant farms or private subsidiary farms nearby.

Select points of sale and sign contracts with your customers. These can be:

  • markets;
  • stores in the nearest localities;
  • private Resellers or small wholesalers.

The cost of entering a cow breeding business

The total amount of initial investment is 600-700 thousand rubles. This money can be taken on credit, and they will leave the next day:

  • the construction of the complex is approximately 170 000 rubles;
  • purchase of animals starts with 5 cows 250 000 and 12 calves – 170 000;
  • feed per year (stocks of hay, straw, barley and oats) – 60 thousand rubles.

At the initial stage, it will take about 20 thousand rubles to pay for staff. For the newly opened enterprise, you will need two handymen, whose average monthly salary can be counted as 10,000 rubles. It is assumed that for the next months it will be allocated from the received profit from the business.

Raising cows as a business brings the owner a constant income, so it is considered profitable. Here are the approximate prices for the products sold:

  • retail sale of beef meat – 250 rubles per kg;
  • wholesale-170 rubles. retail milk – 35 rubles per liter; wholesale – 24 rubles/liter.

It is assumed that 300 kilograms of meat and 2-2. 5 thousand liters of milk will be sold per month with the above livestock. Profit will be 50-75 thousand rubles from the sale of meat and 48-70 thousand-milk. Annual income in the first case – 600-900 thousand rubles, in the second-570-850 thousand.

Every year, 60,000 rubles are spent on purchasing feed, and 240,000 rubles are spent on paying employees. Another class of costs – hire of land and utilities.

Theoretically, the net income from the business will be half of all receipts of the enterprise. This amount will be enough to recoup the investment invested in it in 1.5-2 years and gradually begin to expand, which means gradually increasing the number of cattle, entering new and large markets and systematically increasing the level of profitability of the enterprise.

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