Basics of Poultry Farming for Beginners

Poultry farming at home
Experts say that poultry farming is a profitable business if you are engaged in breeding a large number of livestock at once, in 200 heads. Payback of the business should be expected in a year. Meat production is more profitable than egg production.It is worth doing business if you already have experience in raising birds. It is suggested to try your hand at a private farmstead: purchase no more than 50 heads of young stock.In the process of work, a scheme for caring for poultry will be built: what should be the chicken coop and equipment, what feed is better and more effectively used, what measures to take against infectious diseases.If you buy an incubator, you will not have to buy chickens next time to upgrade the stock or increase it. Another issue that should be solved by a novice entrepreneur is how to conduct the sale of products.Rules for Raising Broiler Chickens

Where to start Poultry Farming ?

Starting any business from scratch is difficult. Especially if it concerns agriculture, in particular animal husbandry and poultry farming. It is necessary to collect complete information about the care of the bird, calculate finances and their own strength.

It is necessary to determine which stock of young animals to purchase. For egg production, the best breed of chickens is Leghorn, white Russian, Loman brown. Egg production in laying hens is high, more than 300 eggs per year. A bird with good immunity, unpretentious to the conditions of keeping and to the diet.

Despite this, it is recommended to paint a feeding table for livestock, create everything necessary for a favorable existence of the bird. The feed they eat less than individuals of meat productivity.

To obtain meat, buy broilers. Here you need to be prepared for the fact that the birds are capricious, their immunity is reduced, and the survival rate of chickens is 90%. For broilers, it is necessary to create good conditions of maintenance.

Poultry farming for beginners is recommended to start with meat production. It will allow you to make a quick profit. In the future, expanding the business, they purchase poultry of egg breeds and additionally engage in the production of eggs. A good profit is made by breeding ornamental breeds of chickens. They are more and more in demand among farmworkers, who seek to decorate their plots.

Build a warm chicken coop. The optimal temperature in it is 20 C. In summer, the Chicks are kept in spacious aviaries. On 1 head should account for not less than 1 m 2.

Features of Poultry Farming at Home

Before purchasing young animals, they buy brooders, where they will be located for the first time: laying hens for 1 month, broilers for 2 weeks. Immediately prepare a feed base. Chickens grow quickly, especially meat ones, so they are taken care of in advance. It is worth deciding on the room where the brooders will be located.

Immediately, it is worth taking care of the chicken coop, where adult birds will be kept. It is recommended to keep chickens in cages. In this case, their productivity will be higher than with free maintenance. They are less ill. You can control the use of feed.

If the birds are in the same flock, then the risk of catching infections in them increases. Not all individuals develop in the same way. More robust and strong repel the weak from the feeders. There is a great risk of biting out.

It is worth collecting a veterinary first-aid kit. It is also called “first Aid kit # 1” or #2. It includes antibiotics “Enrofloxacin”, “Biovit”. From coccidiosis, the drug “Baycox” is intended.

Are a necessary component of vitamin preparations. From the first days, the young are drunk with glucose. On day 3, they give vitamins. From day 5, antibiotics are administered. Laying hens must be vaccinated. Broilers are not vaccinated, because they are taken to slaughter already in 45 days.

With a population of 50-100 heads, the poultry breeder can cope independently. With a large herd, he will need the help of operators. To avoid constantly contacting a veterinarian, it is better to include one doctor in the staff. This will require additional costs. This point should be taken into account when starting a business.

A small number of eggs or meat can be sold in the markets. With increased volumes, it is more difficult. For implementation, you will need to search for large shopping centers or meat-and-sausage enterprises.

A private owner who raises chickens in his own backyard will find it difficult to work with large buyers. You need to register a business, individual entrepreneur, or household owner.

Rules for Raising Broiler Chickens

Expenditure on livestock

Before you start breeding a bird, perform calculations that show how much money you will have to invest in the enterprise. A novice poultry breeder who buys a herd of 50 young animals should provide for the following items of expenditure:

  • purchase of young Leghorn – 130,000 naira/head; 50 heads will cost 60,500 naira.;
  • per day, the Chicks consume 10 g of feed, but the portion is increased to 100 g by the month, to 120 g by 2 months; this regime is maintained until the beginning of the first laying;
  • compound feed will be needed in 1 month – 5 kg; in 2 months-6 kg; it will cost the poultry breeder 20,000 naira.; in a year it will take up to 1.5 thousand naira.;
  • laying hens are necessarily given meat-and-bone flour, pebbles and chalk; all this will cost about 1000 naira.;
  • the cost of a brooder with equipment – 95,000 naira.; you will need 2 PCs. of them; the cost of 19,000 naira.;
  • from 2 months, Chicks are placed in cages; 1 cage costs 4 thousand naira it can accommodate up to 15 Chicks or up to 5 adults; the cells will have to spend 40 thousand naira.;
  • an incubator for growing eggs costs 5 thousand naira.;
  • everything for the poultry breeder will need 75,5 thousand naira.

In the future, the costs will be less, because the equipment for hens and chickens has already been purchased. Building a chicken coop with your own hands will be cheaper than buying one. On average, it costs 160 thousand naira. It provides an enclosure for a range of livestock.

Medical expenses should be considered. This is deferred up to 10 thousand naira, if you take into account the cost of vaccination, veterinary services, and the purchase of medicines.


The initial contribution to the enterprise will be about 250 thousand naira. In the future, the farm will grow. More bird feed, new chicken coops and equipment will be needed.

To get fertilized eggs, which are later laid in an incubator, it is necessary to correctly make up families of birds. The family consists of 10 chickens and 1 rooster. They choose the healthiest individuals who are characterized by good egg productivity.


The cost of broilers will be less. 1 day-old chicken costs about 50 naira. For the purchase of 50 head of cattle required was 2500 NAIRA. They consume more feed, up to 150 g. For 45 days, they should be prepared for about 340 kg. This will take about 4 thousand naira.

To buy broilers and feed them to high productivity it will take about 7 thousand naira. If you take into account preventive measures against diseases, the amount will increase to 10 thousand naira. In the future, your expenses will be less.

Income from the enterprise

A hen lays up to 300 eggs a year. If you implement them yourself, then for every 10 PCs. you can save 60 naira. In a year, one laying hen will bring a gross profit of about 1,8 thousand naira. 50 heads can be raised 90 thousand naira a year.

This is the initial profit. She’s not tall. Next year, the profit will be higher, because the item of expenses for equipment and the purchase of Chicks will decrease. After 2 years, the company can be expanded.

The situation with meat production is slightly different. In a year, it will be possible to grow about 8 broiler livestock. From each chicken get an average carcass of 2.5 kg; from 50 heads 125 kg.


If the livestock is constantly updated, then about 1 ton of meat is produced per year. For it, you can get 200 thousand naira on the market. When selling for any production, the cost of meat will be lower, no more than 100 naira/kg.

Podworza along with bred broiler chickens and egg production. Broilers are prone to diseases, and laying hens have a good immune system. Egg stock on a chicken farm is changed after 4 years.

Crosses in a year. Earnings from laying hens are small, but stable. The egg production enterprise pays off in 2 years. On meat chickens, the net profit is obtained after 1.5 years.

After 2 years, the farm can be expanded, but you will have to purchase large areas for poultry farms. In this case, hangars are built, where appropriate equipment is installed.

To sell a large number of products, you should register a business. Large enterprises do not work with private companies. They prefer to deal with poultry farms.

After making a profit, they open their own meat stores, but for this you should take care of refrigeration units. In the future, you can open a private production of meat products.

Breeding poultry of egg or meat breeds requires not only financial investments, but also a lot of work and knowledge.

Care of livestock consists not only in distributing feed 2 times a day, but also in cleaning the premises, carrying out preventive measures, and constant monitoring of the optimal regime in the poultry house. When all the rules of keeping birds are fulfilled, they get a good profit.

Creating a business

The sale of egg and meat products is impossible without registration of a chicken farm. Large buyers do not work with entrepreneurs who are not included in the register of state registration of enterprises. When registering a chicken farm, you must obtain the following documents:

  • certificate of registration with a tax authority;
  • when you open OOO get a certificate of incorporation; the design entrepreneur must obtain an extract from egrip;
  • you will have to register with the statistical service of the region; they receive the OKVED 01.47; the code defines the type of employment “breeding of agricultural poultry»;
  • documents that confirm the right to use the land plot and the building where the chicken farm is located: lease agreement or certificate of ownership of the property;
  • you must create a process map of the building itself with a detailed description of the equipment;
  • permission from the SES, emergency services and agencies for environmental service;
  • a contract for the removal or disposal of garbage.

To sell the company’s products, the veterinary service of the region issues a certificate of form No. 4, which confirms the inspection of livestock by a specialist; a certificate of clinical examination of poultry.

Before opening a chicken farm, you need to think about not only financial expenses and income. Working with large suppliers will require state registration of the farm.

It is worth taking care of the staffing table. It must include a veterinarian, a zoo technician, and assign units for auxiliary workers.

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